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Talking Dictionary 775. Fly The Formerly Friendly Skies


775. Seeking approval from FAA, Smelta Airlines proposed several changes. It wants to reduce the size of carry‐on luggage "approximately 20 percent." According to measurements submitted to FAA, the new luggage size would actually be the size of a man's size 12E shoebox. Smelta said the new size would minify light travelers' decision‐making about "What to pack?" Its other changes involved price and seat location. It wants to charge lighter people less, and heavier people more. For example, it would charge a 100‐pound person $100 one‐way. It would charge a 150‐pound person $150, and so on. Further, it would seat people according to their weight. The lightest people would sit up front; the heaviest would sit in the back. Smelta said this proposal would help passengers become more weight‐conscious and help its planes achieve faster take‐offs. Cynics predict FAA will allow "a whole day" for public comments before rubber‐stamping Smelta's proposals. 8.0


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