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Talking Dictionary 774. Get Your Buzz From Being Busy


774. The teens were at a party. One said, "I like the buzz I get from tequila." Another said, "I like the buzz I get from scotch." Another said, "Nothing beats the buzz you get from bourbon." Another said, "The best buzz is from French wine." Another said, "If you want a nice buzz, try homemade beer." Another said, "Who needs booze? The best buzz is from nicotine." Another said, "You're all wrong. The best buzz is from weed, which, by the way, is 100 ‐percent natural!" The youngest teen said, "What's the matter with you guys? What's with all this 'buzz' talk? Are you honeybees? Look at you! You aren't even 20, and you're already praising drugs over the natural high of life itself. Without a single drug, life's an adventure of surprises. Do you want to be really 'cool'? Drop the drugs and alcohol. Lift the glass of life!" 3.3


774. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.