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Talking Dictionary 773. Liberal NYC Liberates Street Signs


773. A magazine article said many tourists weren't getting to meet real New Yorkers. Many weren't getting to see the real New York City. Instead, all they saw were high‐priced tourist traps. His Honor the mayor held a contest to make NYC more tourist friendly. The winning suggestion was simple: Remove all the street signs. That wouldn't be difficult, since half of them were already missing. Street crews removed the remaining signs, and tourists started getting lost immediately. But while wandering around lost, they got to see "new" parts of NYC. While wandering around lost, they got to meet "new" NYers who helped them find their way. The mayor's husband said, "It's a win‐win." The mayor said, "No, it's a win‐win‐win. Tourists discover more NYC areas, tourists meet more real NYers, and NYC saves on street sign maintenance costs. Next month, we're going to remove street numbers from all the buildings!" 5.7


773. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.