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Talking Dictionary 770. Lemonade Man (Happy Ending)


770. The Sheepshead Bay stairwell was jammed with straphangers trudging up and trudging down. Graham patiently followed an old lady limping down each step, while an impatient teen followed Graham. The teen accidentally stepped on the back of Graham’s foot, but didn't apologize. Graham immediately imagined himself sitting at a table enjoying an icy lemonade on a hot summer day. Outside the station, a wrong‐way bicyclist almost hit Graham while he was crossing the street. Again, Graham imagined himself sipping a refreshing glass of lemonade. When he got home, he told his wife, "Well, I didn't think it would work, but you were right. Two people today really irritated me, but instead of dwelling on them and stewing, I calmed down immediately by thinking of sipping a cool lemonade on a hot day." His wife said, "I knew it would work. I've been using it for years to cope with you." 8.0


770. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.