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Talking Dictionary 769. Lemonade Man (Unhappy Ending)


769. At Sheepshead Bay, Clay started walking down the steps from the Q platform to the street below. The stairwell was full of people going places. In front of Clay was an old lady using a cane. Behind him was an impatient teen. The teen stepped on the back of Clay's foot. He didn't apologize. Clay said "lemonade" to himself about ten times. Then a wrong‐way bicyclist nearly hit Clay while he was crossing the street. Clay tried to imagine a refreshing glass of lemonade. When he got home, he told his wife, "Well, your lemonade idea didn't work. It didn't help me turn today's lemons into lemonade. You can't turn lemons into lemonade without sugar, and there's no sugar to be found when people are constantly assaulting you in one way or another. There's only bitterness. Lemons plus bitterness makes what?" She said, "It makes for a long, unhappy life." 4.9


769. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.