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Talking Dictionary 768. Honklyn, New Honk City, The Honx


768. Lucy's car was a lead car at a Brooklyn intersection. She said, "I hate intersections." Ethel said, "Why's that? You should be used to intersections. After all, you've been driving for 20 years." Lucy said, "Yes, and you might remember my hair started turning gray 19 years ago. Why? Because of impatient honkers behind me. Just wait. When that light's only half‐green, the guy behind me will honk loud and long. DMV must have changed its road test rules right after I got my license. It must have started giving new drivers extra points for honking at 'sluggish' drivers in front of them. Every time I'm the lead car at an intersection, I feel like I'm participating in a National Hot Rod drag race." The red light was still partially red and the green light was only partially green when the driver behind Lucy blasted his horn. H‐O‐N‐K!! She sighed. 4.8


768. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.