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Talking Dictionary 766. Why NYC's Called "The Big Apple"


766. Lois asked, "Daddy, why do they call it 'The Big Apple'?" He said, "Many moons ago, our ancestors landed on Manhattan. They saw red apples lying on the ground, and they saw silver fish leaping in the Hudson. They decided to stay. They built themselves a village and started a new life. It wasn't long before they wanted to buy the whole island. The chief of the island tribe said, 'Make me an offer I can't refuse.' So they baked a huge apple pie for his family. It was the First Americans' first pie. They loved it. They pleaded for second helpings. Our ancestors said, 'Here's the deal. Sell us your island, and we'll bake you a big pie every day.' The deal became known as 'The Big Apple Pie Buy.' Over time, of course, people shortened it to 'The Big Apple.'" Lois said, "Daddy, did you make that up?" 3.4


766. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.