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Talking Dictionary 761. Painter Wants 10% Of Each Resale


761. A lifelong bird lover, Bob painted only birds. But his paintings of birds looked nothing like the real thing. To help viewers "see" his birds, Bob entitled his paintings: Birds in the Sky, Birds in a Tree, Birds on a Wire, etc. Still, viewers usually said, "Birds? What birds? I don't see any birds." Naturally, art lovers eventually came to revere Bob's "birds." His first painting, which he'd originally sold for $100, later resold for a million dollars. Bob said, "That's not fair. I deserve part of the resale. From now on, whenever I sell a painting, I'll require the buyer to give me 10 percent of whatever he gets if he resells it. Ditto for successive buyers." Bob's wife said, "But what if the resale price goes down? Won't you have to pay someone 10 percent? That's only fair, too." Bob said, "Of course not. That's being too fair!" 4.1


761. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.