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Talking Dictionary 759. Teacher Dislikes Student's Questions


759. Brevin was in a 40‐hour class on agency application forms. He wasn't the teacher's pet. She acknowledged each of his questions with a sigh, a headshake, a reminder to take better notes or to listen better, or a dismissive "asked and answered." One afternoon, she said to fill in the space for "landlord" with the tenant's name. Brevin asked, "How can a 'tenant' be a 'landlord'?" She said, "I knew you'd get hung up on that! I knew you'd get hung up on that!" Irritated, Brevin said, "If you knew I'd get 'hung up' on it, why didn't you explain it in the first place? And pardon me for getting 'hung up.' After all, it makes perfect sense. A tenant is a landlord! So, I guess an apartment is a building. A window is a door. A doorknob is a teacher." She glared at him and continued with her instructions. 3.8


759. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.