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Talking Dictionary 755. She's All He's Left With


755. Bruce could not put her out of his head. Little things that he did every day reminded him of her. He couldn't wash his dishes without hearing her saying, "Rinse them thoroughly!" He couldn't brush his teeth without seeing her standing at the bathroom sink, her toothbrush in her right hand and a cup of water in her left hand, brushing and gargling and spitting, over and over. He couldn't take his socks off without thinking of her tiny feet, and how she loved his massaging them before going to sleep. Day and night, he couldn't listen to any love song without thinking of her. Had almost every love song in the world been written just about her? Then Percy Sledge died. That day many radio and TV stations played Percy's peerless "When a Man Loves a Woman." That love song is different, Bruce thought. It was written about him. 5.3


755. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.