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Talking Dictionary 752. Mayor's No Biker‐Liker


752. The mayor ignored the daily complaints about "psycho‐lists" running amok on New York City streets. It didn't bother her that adult cyclists sped on sidewalks, or that cyclists rode the wrong way on one‐way streets, or that cyclists ignored stop signs and traffic lights, or that cyclists didn't use headlights and taillights after dark. None of these things bothered Her Honor—until a cyclist ran into her son, Dante, while he was walking and texting on the sidewalk. He spent several weeks in Lenox Hill Hospital. Police didn't find the culprit. But errant cyclists were soon to regret Dante's mishap. A new regulation appeared in NYC media and in subway cars and stations a month after Dante left the hospital. It warned cyclists that violating certain bicycle laws would result in the immediate seizure and prompt auction of the violator's bicycle. To Citi Bike's dismay, the regulation included rental bikes. 9.3


752. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.