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Talking Dictionary 749. Divorce Means "I Love You"?!


749. Joe swore that his ex‐wife still loved him. Mel laughed. "She divorced you. She said that she no longer loves you. She said she was tired of you always breaking your promises and always apologizing for breaking them. She said in the beginning you were her king, her everything. Now, that's all changed. She moved uptown, and she never gave you her new address. She doesn't text or talk to you. So, how in the world can you possibly think that she still loves you?" Joe said, "It's real simple. If she didn't love me, she wouldn't mind seeing me and talking to me every day; I'd be just another guy. But by refusing to talk to me or see me, it proves how much she still loves me, because it hurts her so much being with me but not being able to be with me permanently. Isn't that obvious?" 3.1


749. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.