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Talking Dictionary 748. VA Job Interview Goes S


748. Bob took the B train to get to a 10 o'clock interview at 245 West Houston. Unemployed, Bob hoped to shine at his Veterans Affairs interview. The three interviewers introduced themselves. The interviewer wearing the pink shirt reminded Bob of someone he disliked. Early on, Bob realized that the interview wasn't going well. The interviewers asked difficult questions about the VA. Bob was clueless. Equally vexing was that "Mr. Pink" began each of his questions to Bob by saying Bob's name slowly, as one might address a child—or a moron. After Mr. Pink began with "B‐o‐b" the third time, Bob interrupted, saying, "Excuse me, why do you keep repeating my name?" Mr. Pink said, "Well, 'Bob' is your name, isn't it?" Bob said, "I asked you why. You know, 'why.'" Slowly, Bob spelled, "W‐h‐y." Mr. Pink said, "That's funny—you, condescending to me. This interview is over. That's o‐v‐e‐r." 4.9


748. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.