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Talking Dictionary 746. Pure Energy, She'll Never Die


746. "Mary" saw a halo of light. It said, "Hello." She said, "Hello. Am I in heaven?" It said, "I'm afraid not." She gasped. "Am I in hell?" The halo said, "There is no hell, and there is no heaven. There is no 'Earth.' There are no people, or plants, or animals. There isn't even me. There's only you. And you are only energy. You, and you alone, constitute the universe. Your energy fuels your imagination. Your imagination constantly creates new 'lives' on 'Earth' for you. Each life seems real. You are born, you live, and you die. Each life seems like many years, but lasts only a fraction thereof. You have already lived millions of lives. They all seemed real, but none of them were. The only thing real is you, as energy. You have no shape. You have no substance. You have existed forever, and you will exist forever." 2.8


746. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.