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Talking Dictionary 745. After Mohs, Dr. Sohs, Cancer Gohs


745. He slowly peeled the two Band‐Aids off his face. They covered some ointment on his cheek and nose. The ointment covered about 25 stitches. The stitches were a result of recent Mohs surgery for skin cancer. Using his fingers and soap and water, he removed the ointment. He rinsed his face. Then he opened the tube of ointment. He squeezed a glob of ointment onto a Q‐tip and applied the ointment to all the stitches. "Keep them moist," his doctor had said. Once he'd moistened the whole area, he put a couple of new Band‐Aids on his face. He did this twice a day for five days. On the fifth day, he went to the doctor's office. She wiped the ointment off his face and removed all the stitches. "You look good," she said. He smiled. She was being nice. But, more important, he felt good. He was cancer free. 2.6


745. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.