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Talking Dictionary 743. He's Happy, He Whistles


743. His wife asked, "Why are you whistling?" He said, "Because I've become an optimist. I'm no longer the pessimist with the long face that you complain about. Instead of worrying that something bad is going to happen to me, I expect something bad to happen to me. For example, my doctor just cut skin cancer out of my face. So I feel good, right? But I don't feel good just because the cancer is gone. Because I know something is going to take its place, something far worse. But so far, whatever's next, like terminal brain cancer, hasn't struck me yet. When it does, it won't be an unpleasant surprise. I'm ready for it. But as long as it doesn't hit me, it's a pleasant surprise. I'm still healthy. So, that's why I feel good. That's why I'm whistling." His wife said, "Do you know the melody for 'Looney Tunes'?" 3.5


743. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.