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Talking Dictionary 741. No Easy Way Out For Killer


741. The liberal senator told the conservative governor, "You need to find a painless and humane method to kill John Smith." The governor said, "John Smith is a serial killer. We know he killed 15 people; he claimed he killed 25 more. So, of course he deserves a painless, humane death. But you didn't want us to electrocute him, so I said we'll gas him. You said that was too slow, so I said we'll shoot him. You said that was too noisy, so I said we'll hang him. You said that was too old‐fashioned, so I said we'll waterboard him. You said that was for terrorists. So, after much thought, I've finally come up with something that I'm sure you'll like. Let him die of old age!" The senator said, "Of course not. Have you seen all the diseases that people get when they're old? That's the worst death imaginable." 3.9


741. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.