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Talking Dictionary 740. You Say Burrito, I Hear Statico


740. Bob called NYC's public radio station, WXTRAPC. He told the ombudsman, "You used to be an American English station. Nowadays I'm hearing about 70‐percent English, 20‐percent Spanish, and 10‐percent Other. So, 30 percent of the time, I might as well be listening to static. You interview someone somewhere, and you pronounce their name and their country fluently in their native language. For example, your reporter introduces Frrahn‐seesko from Cheelay. That's static to me. How about, Francisco from Chile? Then, to make communication—you're supposed to be communicating, you know—worse, your reporter translates what the interviewee is saying while the interviewee is talking. Two voices, and two languages, at once! Hello—Communication 101, one speaker at a time." The ombudsman said, "Sir, perhaps you'd appreciate both voices more if you learned a second language." Bob said, "Never! I'm a flag‐waving veteran. A second language will never taint my all‐American tongue." 8.1


740. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.