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Talking Dictionary 736. A Doctor, A Glove, A Finger


736. Rod's health provider notified him to get a free prostate cancer screening. Rod had just gotten a colonoscopy a week earlier. When it rains, it pours, he thought. He called his primary doctor and got a referral to a urologist. Two weeks later, a urology technician took Rod's blood sample and asked for a urine sample. Later, the doctor came into the room. He asked Rod a few questions. Then he asked Rod to drop his shorts and bend over the examination bed. The doctor lubed his gloved hand. Rod bent over, with his forearms on the bed. "Unh!" Rod grunted, as the doctor rammed his finger up inside Rod. A second later, the doctor withdrew his finger. Rod asked, "Is that it? You're done?" The doctor said, "Yep, that's it. I've got a very sensitive finger. You're okay. See you next year!" No, you won't, Rod thought, still smarting. 3.9


736. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.