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Talking Dictionary 735. Scientist: Racism To End Soon


735. "Racism in America ends with the next generation," announced Greg Mendel at a press conference. He had invented a tiny, liquid microprocessor that could be injected into humans. "What's my basis for this statement? It's simple," Greg said. "One, if there were only one race, there'd be no racism. Two, perception is reality. Once my microprocessor is in a person's bloodstream, everyone he sees appears to be his own race. For example, if he's black, everyone he sees appears to be black. Whatever his color, the whole world appears to consist of people who look the same exact color. Bingo! No more racism. I propose that my solution be optional for everyone alive, but mandatory for all newborns. They will grow up thinking that theirs is the only race on Earth. Once the United Nations sees how nonracist the new American generation is, all babies worldwide will receive the shot." 7.1


735. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.