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Talking Dictionary 733. Take The Pill And Tell The Truth


733. He asked his wife where all their money was going. She said, "Don't look at me. All I seem to spend money on, besides groceries, is new underwear for you. Must you wear underwear till it's almost rotting off of you? How embarrassed you'll be if a truck runs you over and the doctors and nurses see your stained, holey underwear!" He said, "I won't be embarrassed—I'll be dead." He hated it when she threw out his broken‐in underwear. Also, he suspected she was fibbing. He went to his neighborhood shaman and bought a truth pill. He slipped it into his wife's coffee the next morning. He asked her where all their money was going. She repeated her earlier statement. Just to test her truthfulness, he asked her lots of other questions. She passed his test with flying colors. That pleased him; on the other hand, it disappointed him. 3.9


733. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.