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Talking Dictionary 731. NYC Radio Station Going Spanish


731. NYC's hip public radio station, WOLE, is preparing for a language change. Its American, English‐only announcers are all attending Spanish classes. They're learning to roll their R's. They're learning to soften their T's. They're learning to say AH for a, A for e, E for i, and OO for u. They're not learning to say O for o—they already know that. They're adding Spanish pronunciation to their English vocabulary. When an earthquake recently hit South America, an American announcer said, "A 5.4 earthquake hit Chee‐lay." Americans who heard the news were initially confused. What in the world, and where, was this Chee‐lay? Dave called the station. He asked the manager, "Why did the announcer say Chee‐lay? In America, we say Chile, just like the weather in January." The manager said, "Our announcers are just practicing." Dave asked, "Practicing for what?" The manager said, "For when Spanish is on top." 6.7


731. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.