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Talking Dictionary 730. Fat Fine Not Fine With Mom And Dad


730. In a memo to parents, the school principal said, "Being overweight can lead to many problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. We've tried time and again to get our 'well‐rounded' students to slim down, but nothing seems to work. So now we're going to try something new. For every pound that a student is overweight, we'll fine his parents a dollar. For example, if a student is 50 pounds overweight at the beginning of the school year, the fine will be $50. If that student loses 50 pounds by the end of the school year, we'll refund the $50. We have to start fining parents because money is the only thing that everyone understands." Harmon called the principal. He asked, "What's next? Our kids are too short—fine us? Our kids are too ugly—fine us?" She said, "Of course not. Being short and ugly doesn't affect their health." 5.1


730. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.