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Talking Dictionary 729. Phew! Is That You?


729. His wife said, "Do you smell that?" He said, "No. You know I don't have a dog's nose, like someone I know." She said, "It's a curse, not a blessing. If we were inside our apartment, I would blame you. But we're outside, in the 'fresh' air. But it's not fresh. It smells like you know what." He said, "Well, don't blame me. I took care of business before we left home. Maybe it's your imagination. Maybe your nose is going cuckoo from being so overactive." But her nose isn't going haywire. Her nose is right on the—methane. Earth's air is starting to go bad. Even though the great outdoors seems unbounded, it doesn't have a vent that scientists can open to "air out" the air. What enters the air, stays in the air. In the future, ten‐story cans of Febreze will encircle the Earth, spritzing the air hourly. 2.3


729. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.