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Talking Dictionary 727. Four Lanes Fail To Faze Fearless Man


727. Wayne looked out his third‐floor window on a cold winter day. A homeless man was standing still in the snow next to the fence that bordered the supermarket parking lot. He was facing the fence. Wayne finally realized what the man was doing. When he finished, he turned around and walked out into the busy street. Two shopping carts, both full of stuff, were in the street. The man started pushing both carts. Not once did he pay the slightest attention to traffic. He pushed the carts as if the street was his alone. Cars, trucks, and buses slowly drove around him. To Wayne's amazement, nobody even honked. Wayne's wife asked, "What are you doing?" He said, "Some homeless guy's walking in the middle of the street. I'm thinking of calling the police." His wife said, "Why? Mind your own business. If he gets run over, then call the police." 3.5


727. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.