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Talking Dictionary 722. She Can't Keep Grandpa Home


722. The two women were standing in line at the supermarket. They started talking. Sophie said, "My husband turned 70 last week. But he still goes out three or four times a week." Nelly said, "Really? He must be in very good shape. Where does he go? Golfing? Jogging? Does he take you with him?" Sophie said, "No, he never takes me with him. I wouldn't want to go with him anyway. Who wants to sit around in a doctor's office or at a physical therapist's three or four times a week? Frankly, I'm happy to see him leave the house." Laughing, Nelly said, "Yes, they do get underfoot. When you said 'he goes out,' I misunderstood you." Sophie said, "I'm sorry. I was just pulling your leg. When you get older, it helps a little to joke about the things you have to do now or you can't do anymore." 2.6


722. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.