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Talking Dictionary 721. Why Not Melt Snow Instead Of Push It?


721. The snowstorm had ended. He watched four snowplow trucks go south on Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn. The first one hugged the center line. Its angled plow pushed snow to the right. The second truck was slightly closer to the curb, the third even closer, and the fourth closest to the curb. He felt like he was watching a U.S. Navy Blue Angels air show. What precision plowing, he thought. But, more important, he thought, Four trucks—just to push snow to the curb? He invented a snow‐melter, similar to a blow dryer. His invention simply redirected, at the flick of a switch, the heat escaping from the exhaust pipe to an "exhaust bumper" on the front of the truck. The driver can adjust the bumper to various heights and aim the "blow holes" in the bumper in various directions. Now, instead of pushing the snow, modified trucks simply melt it. 5.4


721. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.