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Talking Dictionary 717. Scrub‐A‐Rub‐Yikes In The Tub


717. His wife said, "Just because you have a week off from work doesn't mean you can skip showering. Please—I can't take it anymore." He said what he always said when his wife said things like that, "Yes, dear." Emerging from the bathroom, he said, "Showering in this apartment is more like working out than cleaning up. The water temperature keeps changing, so instead of getting clean, I'm kept busy adjusting the knobs. More cold water, less cold water, more hot water, less hot water. When are they going to invent a single shower knob for Just Right? When I finally get the temperature right, the flow changes. Water drips from the showerhead, then it floods like a waterfall. Drip, flood, drip, flood. Finally, there's little Junior next door. When he hears me showering, he flushes the toilet, scalding me." Laughing, his wife asked, "How does he know it's you?" 4.7


717. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.