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Talking Dictionary 712. Whom To Blame For French Massacre?


712. In Paris, two gunmen told a woman to type in the code to enter an office building. Fearing for her life, she did as ordered. The gunmen entered the building with her. They all went up to the second floor. The second floor was where the cartoonists—the target—produced a weekly satirical magazine. The cartoonists delighted in belittling others. They ridiculed everyone and everything—celebrities, politicians, governments, corporations, and religions. The gunmen calmly shot most workers in the office, killing 12 before departing. The finger of blame points at the gunmen. They were simply too sensitive about their religion and its prophet. The cartoons were only satire. The finger points at the cartoonists. Believing that freedom of speech is unlimited, they relentlessly mocked the religion and prophet of the gunmen. The finger points at the woman, who was uninjured. She sacrificed a dozen coworkers when she opened that door. 7.7


712. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.