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Talking Dictionary 711. Give Me Back My Baby!


711. Tom, 18, was doing almost 80 mph. Too late, he saw Jenny crossing the street. Tom pleaded guilty to one count of reckless driving causing death. Before sentencing Tom, the judge asked if he wanted to say anything to Jenny's parents. Tom said, "No. What good would it do?" Tom got ten years. A reporter stopped the parents on their way out of court. She asked, "Are you upset that he didn't apologize?" Jenny's mom said, "No. He's right. Killers can't win. Families get upset if killers don't apologize. But they also get upset if killers do apologize. If they don't apologize, that's insult to injury. If they do apologize, but insincerely, that's also insult to injury. Even if they apologize sincerely, it isn't worth spit. What good is it? It changes nothing. When you've killed someone, your apology doesn't raise the dead or heal the hearts of their family." 4.8


711. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.