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Talking Dictionary 710. Cop's Funeral: Disrespect, Or No Big Deal?


710. The black wife of the mayor of New York City went to a funeral with her white husband. The funeral was for a Chinese police officer. A cop hater had shot the unsuspecting policeman once in the head while he sat in his NYPD blue and white patrol car. Many police officers from New York City, other cities, and other states attended the funeral. Showing respect for their fallen comrade, they wore their dress blues. The mayor's wife wore blue, too—blue jeans. On a radio talk show, a caller pointed out "her disrespect." He said, "Do you think she would have worn jeans if the officer had been black? If he'd been Latino? Do you think she would have worn jeans if the funeral had been in China?" The talk show host said wearing jeans was "no big deal." He said, "Give her some credit just for being there!" 5.6


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