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Talking Dictionary 708. Schoolwork As Easy As Pi


708. Lily was using her calculator to do her math homework. Ms. Bates forbade calculators in class—and at home. In class, Ms. Bates always surveyed the classroom during math tests. She was like a vulture, Lily thought. If Ms. Bates spotted a calculator, she swooped down, grabbed the calculator in her claws, and flew off. At home, Lily used her calculator with abandon. She used it to add. She used it to subtract. She used it to multiply. She used it to divide. The harder the math problem, the more she loved her calculator. She just wished that someone would invent a "schoolulator" for all the other school subjects. Need a 500‐word essay on "Ulysses" for English class? Just enter those words into your schoolulator and press Print. Need a science project? Just enter the precise name of your project and press 3D Print. Straight A's would be so easy! 4.6


708. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.