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Talking Dictionary 704. Drug Money Is Tainted Money


704. The gangsters were filthy rich from selling drugs. They could buy anything they wanted. They bought fast cars with their drug money. They bought acres of land with their drug money. They bought a huge house with their drug money. They bought expensive art for their house. They bought expensive furniture for their house. But something was missing. They wanted a big painting in their foyer—a big painting of their happy "family." They called many artists, but they all said they were "busy." But one day an artist called the gangsters. He said he would paint the foyer. They agreed to his very high price. Upset, his wife said, "Don't work for them. They're gangsters. Their money's tainted." He said, "No, their money's green. And their green money will take us to that one place that you've been dreaming of your whole life—Hawaii. Well? What do you say?" 2.5


704. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.