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Talking Dictionary 703. Nose Doc Knows Shortcut


703. He had an ear problem. His doctor gave him nose medicine. She said, "It's nose medicine, but it should work because your nose and your ears are connected." The medicine was expensive. It was $108. One little bottle was $108. How could a little bottle of nose spray be so expensive, he wondered. She said to spray the medicine into his nose twice a day. Two sprays in the morning, and two in the evening. No problem, he thought. She told him to use the nose spray for three weeks. Then she would examine him again. If the nose spray didn't work, she'd prescribe a different medicine. If that medicine didn't work, she'd probably have to perform surgery. He said that ear surgery sounded terrible. He didn't want her digging into his ear. She said, "Oh, I'm not going to 'dig' into your ear. I'll be going through your nose." 3.8


703. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.