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Talking Dictionary 702. Next! Finish This, Start That


702. It never ends. Every day there's something to do. Sure, you can take a break, a nap, a day off, or even a vacation. But while you're relaxing, your To Do list is growing. One thing after another is waiting in line. Put gas in your car. Buy groceries. Pay bills. Do your homework. Do your job. Wash your clothes. Fix dinner. Wash the dishes. Study. See the doctor. Go to a job interview. Call your mom! When you finish one thing, you feel good. You did it. It's history. A done deal. But you can't just sit there patting yourself on the back. You have to do the next thing. And when you finish the next thing, then the next thing. It never ends. As long as you live, you will have something to do. That is the nature of life, the burden of life, the opportunity of life. 1.6


702. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.