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Talking Dictionary 701. Magazine Tries To Trick Him


701. The pullout in the magazine said "Only $16!" Twelve issues—one each month—for only $16. A good deal, he thought. He grabbed his checkbook and wrote out a check for $16. He copied the address on the pullout onto an envelope. He put the check and the pullout into the envelope and mailed it the next day. Two weeks later, he got an envelope from the magazine. Inside was a bill. The bill was for $3.95, for "shipping and handling." He was upset. He hadn't seen anything on that pullout about S&H. And he had examined it carefully. This is robbery, he thought. He wrote an angry note on the bill, saying he wasn't going to pay one penny of S&H. He addressed an envelope. Then he stopped. Wait a minute, he thought, this is going to cost me a 44‐cent stamp. He decided to send an angry e‐mail. 3.6


701. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.