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Talking Dictionary 699. What's Behind The Bathroom Door?


699. The teacher was pulling paper towels out of the dispenser in one of the Bronx school's unisex restrooms. Suddenly the door opened. A young female student saw him. A brand new student, she shut the door quickly. Later, the school director called him into her office. She said, "That young lady, like many of our students, is from Farawayland. She was shocked and embarrassed to see a strange man in an unlocked bathroom. She wanted to drop out of school." He said, "I'm sorry. I forgot to lock the door. But I was just standing at the sink pulling paper towels out of the dispenser. It's not like I was using the toilet." She said, "I understand. But still, she witnessed a strange man in a bathroom. That's taboo in her culture." He said, "Well, she's in New York City now. Sooner or later, she's going to see far worse." 3.6


699. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.