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Talking Dictionary 691. Three‐Ring Circus On The B49


691. The crowded B49 bus was southbound on Ocean Avenue. At Avenue R, a large middle‐aged woman boarded and tried to squeeze past Brevin. She stepped heavily on his left foot. He yelped and pushed her. She apologized. An old lady sitting next to Brevin said, "Get another one!" Looking at her, Brevin asked, "What?!" She said, "Get another foot! This is Brooklyn." Across the aisle, a white‐haired lady with a walker told a teenager talking loudly on his phone, "I can't hear myself think!" He talked quieter. Then she herself started talking loudly about everything, to nobody in particular. At Avenue Z, Brevin and the white‐haired lady stood up to exit the bus. She said loudly, "Look at that! He cut in front of me!" Brevin said, "Of course! You're slower than a snail." She said loudly, "Well!Did you hear that? What a nerve he has! Such a mouth!" 3.9


691. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.