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Talking Dictionary 690. Be Grateful There's No "Durian Week"


690. It is the future. A vegan dictator rules Earth. Humans aren't allowed to eat any animal matter. All animals die natural deaths. Their bodies fill animal dumps the world over. The decaying bodies generate a terrible odor. Scent factories mask the odor worldwide, except for one day each month. Charlotte said, "Oh, the air smells so good! What could be better than Apple Week right here in The Big Apple? I just wish they would change Apple Week to Apple Year. At the least, it should be Apple Month. They say that when we go to heaven, we can have Apple Century. I can't wait till I die!" Amy said, "Me too! But when I go to heaven, I'm going to ask for Strawberry Century." Charlotte said, "Let's just keep our fingers crossed that we go to heaven. If we don't, they say it'll be Decaying Flesh Week—every week!" 4.0


690. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.