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Talking Dictionary 689. All's Well That Ends Well


689. Geoffrey was walking home from school. He noticed a newish wheelchair sitting on a front porch. His grandma had an old, unwieldy wheelchair. He looked around. The coast was clear. He ran up the porch steps, folded the wheelchair, and hurried along the sidewalk. He took the wheelchair straight to his grandma's apartment. He said, "Look at your new wheelchair, Grandma!" She sat in it. Grinning, she rolled it around the living room. Then she said, "What a beautiful wheelchair! How on earth did you get it?" He said, "It was a prize in our school lottery. I won it!" A while later, Grandma discovered that Geoffrey had stolen the wheelchair. She ordered him to return it. He said, "Grandma, if I return it, they'll lock me up! Just enjoy it. Whoever owned this wheelchair had insurance. They got themselves a brand new wheelchair. So they're happy, and you're happy." 3.3


689. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.