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Talking Dictionary 687. It Ended, And Began, With A Gun


687. A little boy found a little gun and shot his little sister. He'd thought the little gun was a toy. His parents started a foundation, called Last Pistol for Crystal, their slain daughter's name. The aim of the foundation was to prevent such accidents from ever happening again. Crystal's grandma told her daughter, "Honey, of course these accidents are going to happen again. As long as there are guns and humans, there are going to be accidents. People always say that 'it will never happen again.' But it's all just talk and good intentions. And all the talk and good intentions in the world aren't going to prevent these accidents from happening again." Crystal's mom said, "You're right, Mom. But it makes us feel a little better. We're doing something positive. We're trying to make lemonade out of lemons. And, if we save even one life, isn't that worth it?" 5.2


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