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Talking Dictionary 684. Banana Nana No Booboo


684. Kyla was pushing Lyla in the shopping cart at the supermarket. Kyla parked the cart next to their mom. Mom was checking her shopping list. She grabbed a bunch of bananas and handed them to Kyla. Kyla put them into the cart. Lyla picked them up and examined each banana. She said, "Ew, Mom, look what I found. This banana has a bruise. Look at it!" Mom looked at it. She said, "You're right, honey. That is a bruise. But it's not a big bruise." Kyla and Lyla both shouted, "We don't like bruises on our bananas!" Mom said, "Okay. Give the bruised one back to me. I guess you learned that from me. I don't like bananas with bruises either. But you know who dislikes bruises even more than us?" They both asked, "Who?" Mom said, "The bananas, of course! They want to be pretty, just like you do!" 2.2


684. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.