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Talking Dictionary 683. Smart Phone Learns A Lesson


683. While using his computer, Horace remembered that he needed to transfer some contact info to his computer from his smart phone. He started looking for it. He knew it was somewhere on the table with the computer. He looked through the clutter on the table. There were three lottery tickets. A case for his glasses. His wallet. A small calculator. A pad of Post‐it notes. A small mirror. Eight keys that no longer fit anything. A PedEgg for scraping calluses off the bottom of his feet. Receipts. Erasers. Pencils. Finally, he found it. "I'll teach you to hide from me!" he said. He went downstairs to his lab. A week later, he emerged. He'd put sensors on all his important property. The next time he couldn't find his smart phone, he shouted, "Where are you, Mr. Smarty Phone?" Instantly, the smart phone started singing, "Here I am! I'm right here!" 3.3


683. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.