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Talking Dictionary 681. To See, Or Not To See


681. Helen awoke from a nightmare. She was breathing heavily. Looking around, she marveled at the utter darkness surrounding her. She'd never seen her bedroom that dark. She got up and started walking toward the light switch. She banged her left pinky toe into something. She groped her way back to her bed and rubbed her toe for a while. She was surprised that, by then, her eyes weren't used to the dark. She tried to look out her window for the usual glow of nighttime lights. But she couldn't even see her window. She walked slowly to the light switch and flipped the switch. Nothing happened. A power outage! Carefully, she walked over to her antique radio. She turned it on. It worked! So, no power outage! She was confused and worried. She was also sleepy. She yawned and went back to bed. She'd figure this out in morning's light. 3.0


681. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.