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Talking Dictionary 680. Out Of ‐‐‐sight, Out Of Mind


680. In the quiet town of Hoboken, a young woman shot her ex‐boyfriend. He had dumped her for another woman—her younger sister. The bullet had only grazed his thigh. When arrested, the woman said, "I wish it had grazed something else." Becky, the mayor of Hoboken, hated guns. She decided to start an anti‐gun campaign. Since state law allowed guns, she did the next best thing. She banned the word "gun." She told the newspaper editor not to print "gun" in the paper. She said, "If people don't read about guns, they won't think about them." The editor agreed, but asked Becky about words like "gunk" and "begun." Becky said, "No problem. If you have to use them, just write '‐‐‐k' and 'be‐‐‐.' A resident asked Becky about his last name. She asked, "What is it?" He said, "Gunderson." She said, "No problem. From now on, it's Derson." 3.5


680. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.