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Talking Dictionary 679. Thanks For Saying Thanks


679. The email said, "You have the best website I've ever seen. You should be very proud of it. I have a website too—www.awebsitetoo. I just started it. I need successful site owners like you to link to my site. As you know, the more links to a site, the higher the Google ranking. I'll bet you have a very high ranking. Please look at my site. If you like it, please link to it. Thanking you in advance, Odelia." Julian looked at Odelia's website. What a terrible site, he thought. But he felt sorry for her. He emailed her: "Done! I linked to your site." After waiting weeks for Odelia to reply, he emailed her again. He said, "Hello! Why haven't you thanked me for the link?" She emailed back, "Please check my first email. I clearly pre‐thanked you in that email. How many times must I thank you?" 2.8


679. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.