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Talking Dictionary 678. Out With The Old, In With The New


678. Zoey said, "Mommy, tell me the story about Snow White again. That's my favorite story in the whole world." Mom said, "Sure, honey. But you know, someday you're going to tire of Snow White. You'll prefer other stories." Zoey said, "No! Really? Why?" Mom said, "Because it's our human nature. We want the same old thing because we're comfortable with it. But we want something new because it's exciting. So, in the future you'll seek out new stories. It's like sugar. We love our M&Ms, but we're always eager to try new candy. Just as food companies always come up with new candy, based on sugar, writers always come up with new stories. They're based on the same old human joys and sorrows, but they're presented in new packages." Zoey said, "I don't want a new package. I love Snow White just the way she is. And I always will." 3.3


678. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.