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Talking Dictionary 677. Memories Are Made Of This


677. Blake told his wife, "Listen to this. Researchers have made a mouse 'remember' something that never happened. They put the mouse in a box. It had never been in that box before. Somehow, they made the mouse think it had received electric shocks in that box before. Don't ask me how. The article explained it, but I didn't understand it. Anyway, as soon as they placed the mouse in the box, it tensed up, expecting a shock. Isn't that amazing?" His wife asked, "Amazing? Why would you want to make a mouse, or a person, think that he's been shocked before?" Blake said, "Because, honey, if you can create false bad memories, you can create false good memories. Science can now give depressed people happy memories. It can change depressed people from being unhappy to happy." His wife said, "So? I can do that with a bowl of ice cream." 3.6


677. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.