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Talking Dictionary 676. Look For A Nickel, Find A Quarter


676. Noah said, "How can one guy be so lucky? Yesterday Jacob Brown took the 6 train. It was rush hour. He got on 'the empty car.' You'd think he'd know better. Holding his breath, he went to the far end of the car and sat down. He saw something across the aisle on the floor. He picked it up. You'd think he'd know better. But it was a folded‐up hundred‐dollar bill!" Noah's wife asked, "What'd he do with it?" Noah said, "He put it in his pocket. What do you think he did with it?" His wife said, "I don't know. Maybe give it to the homeless guy in the car?" Noah said, "Are you kidding? He bought himself a handful of scratchers with the money. And guess what? He won over $1,000! What a lucky guy! If I had his luck, I'd be the happiest guy in the world." 1.5


676. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.