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Talking Dictionary 675. No More Bedtime Stories


675. "Daddy, tell me a story," Ella said as she cuddled up next to her father on the sofa. He said, "I can't, honey. I don't know any stories. Today, something terrible happened all over the world. All the stories disappeared. There isn't a single story in the whole world, except the one I'm telling you. Nobody can create a story. Nobody can remember a story. Nobody can tell a story. They're all gone." Ella asked, "Where did they go?" Dad said, "Nobody knows. They're just gone. All the pages in all the books are totally blank. All the DVDs and CDs are blank. There's nothing on TV or radio. There's no news about anything or anyone anywhere. There's no Internet. This is terrible. Human life is meaningless without stories." Ella said, "Maybe somebody stole them. Wait! I know who stole all the stories—the Wicked Witch." Dad asked, "Who's that?" 4.0


675. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.